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Guild Wars – Halloween 2010

It’s Halloween time in Guild Wars again. Yay. Festivities have been up and running since the 21st Oct and will run until 07:01 on the 2nd Nov 2010.

The main attractions in this year’s Halloween celebrations:


Timetable for Mad King Thorn appearances (All times GMT):

  • 07:01
  • 10:01
  • 13:01
  • 16:01
  • 19:01
  • 22:01
  • 1st Nov – 01:01
  • 1st Nov – 04:01
  • 1st Nov – 07:01

Times from the Guild Wars Wiki .

If you participate in any of Mad King Thorn’s appearances you get a special Halloween headwear. Check out our Guild Wars Halloween 2006 post to see our characters with pumpkin heads that we got from Mad King Thorn. ;-)

If you haven’t got Guild Wars yet then you can pick up the Guild Wars: The Complete Collection for just £14.99 (with no monthly fee).