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Dead Rising Games – Attack Of The Obsessive Compulsive (Zombie Killing) Disorder

Time to be honest readers, how many of you who have played either Dead Rising or Dead Rising 2 try to kill every single one of the Zombies on the screen? i.e. making all the undead, well, dead-er.

Well that’s me, every time I play the Dead Rising games. I want to be able to run around the malls in piece and quiet without having those irritating Zombies everywhere. I also want to save the survivors with enough time to do a bit of shopping without the Zombies trying to eat my face (or my companion’s faces for that matter).

Here’s the problem though. There’s too many frickin’ Zombies to kill. You clear an area, leave and come back later and BAM!!! The place is crawling with Zombies again. Aaaggghhh, all that time spent killing totally wasted. Time to clear the area again. DeadRising2-TooManyZombies

And so the battle to kill all the Zombies continues. One I can can never win, I know that, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to keep trying.

I admit that I may have a little bit of an obsessive compulsive problem with the Dead Rising games. I find them difficult to play because of this. Which is strange as I love gore, Zombies, weapons and violence (just in games people, not in real life). In theory then, the Dead Rising games should be perfect for me. In practice not so much.

I’ve noticed that this aspect of my personality has affected other games, but to a lesser extent. Assassin’s Creed II for instance. I’ve collected every feather, found every money stash, done every mission, bought every weapon and bit of armour…in short, I’ve done everything. Why? Because i like seeing the word “completed” and 100% littered across the stats screen. It gives me a warm, fuzzy, sense of progress feeling. Just like levelling-up does.

Are there any games that people feel that they’ve got a bit obsessive or compulsive over? Or is it just me?

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