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Mafia II – Barber Shop Tour

To celebrate the launch of the Mafia II game (on PS3, PC and Xbox 360) 2K Games have organised a short pop-up barber shop tour at England’s most prominent shopping centres.

The barber shop will look something like this:


Anyone who visits the barber shop can get:

  • Free professional hair cut (courtesy of America Crew)
  • Free professional shave
  • Hand-on time with Mafia II

Glamour Model Lucie Self
In addition everyone that has a shave and/or haircut will also be given a special leaflet from glamour model Lucie Self (shown right) that you can exchange for a free Mafia II t-shirt at any GAME store when you buy Mafia II.

Pop-up barber shops tour locations:
  • 27th August – Basingstoke – Festival Place
  • 28th August – Birmingham – Bullring Rotunda Square
  • 29th August – Westfield – Southern Terrace
  • 30th August – Reading – Oracle Centre
  • 1st September – Newcastle – Northumberland Street
  • 2nd September – Manchester – Trafford Centre

So that’s not bad, a free shave and haircut and a bit of Mafia II game time. If anyone visits any of the barber shops on this tour can you let us know what it was like?