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WipEout HD – Fury Release Date

The first expansion pack for WipEout HD is almost upon us. Sony have announced that it will available on the Playstation Network from the 23rd July 09 priced at £7.99 / £9.99.

Given the amount of new content Studio Liverpool has included in WipEout HD Fury it’s worth the asking price. Check out what’s included in my WipeOut HD Fury post.

I can not wait.

Update 19th Jul 09: According to WipEout HD’s game director Tony Buckley on the PlayStation Europe blog

There are 4 tracks that are playable in forward and reverse, these tracks include the zone variants and there are 4 zone specific tracks that are playable one way

That’s 8 brand new tracks with the “reverse” versions adding another 4, if I’ve understood Tony correctly. So 8 or 12 tracks depending on what you class as a new track.


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