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Leigh’s Words, My Thoughts

Every once in a while I come over all responsible and talk about about how the videogame industry should make more of an effort to appeal to women. Some time I pointed out Ayumi’s shocking character design and attracted a couple of vocal trolls, a bit of abuse and thankfully, some thoughtful posts from both men and women. I tried a few times to articulate my points at GameCamp last year but my distance from the development side of the games industry makes it difficult to argue against those who do this for a living.

Finally… I no longer need to struggle to make my points. Leigh Alexander has teamed up with Daniel Floyd to produce a fantastic 10-minute video that covers everything I’ve been trying to say about women and games for the past two years.

Although I do add the caveat that IMO, Ubisoft’s Imagine series does more harm to equality than good, as the choices offered to girls are Babies, Fluffies (Animal Doctor), Ponies, Fashion and Cooking. Hellooooooo life-limiting sterotypes. I suppose I should just be grateful for Imagine Figure Skating. Daniel did intend the Ubisoft reference to be tongue-in-cheek but it doesn’t come out that way at all.