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UK Comsumer Gaming Expo – Game On! London

HMVLogoHMV have recently announced the existence of Game On! London, a gaming expo for the unwashed masses (i.e. you and me). Yes, I know they are rare occurrences in the UK, and even rarer outside London. Last year we had Live! which was planning on coming back bigger and better in 2009. Alas, no. It’s dead for the time being.

This new expo has HMV paying for headlining it, and UKeSA organising it. For those that don’t know, UKeSA are the United Kingdom eSports Association. You can join UKeSA’s season 2 gaming leagues at

Details for this new expo:

To quote from the press release:

Game On! London will showcase the very latest games for all the major platforms and the most cutting-edge gaming technology. The expo-event will also play host to the Dell XPS Premiership Season One finals, which will see the UK’s top eSports teams clash in what has become the most hotly contested gaming league ever.

We will let you know when the tickets become available and hope to see you all there.