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Street Fighter IV – Chun-Li’s Huge Legs!

SFIVLogoSmallHas anyone noticed just how huge Chun-Li’s legs have become in the latest instalment of the Street Fighter franchise? They’re HUGE!!!!!! I know Chun-Li always had fairly large legs in proportion to the rest of her body, but they are considerably LARGER now. Perhaps she’s just been working out or taking ‘roids.


See, big ain’t they? It’s worse than that as what ever Chun-Li’s been taking, so has Cammy. Cue more giant legs:


So the graphics artists at Capcom clearly have a muscular leg fetish. Suppose they could claim that to beat up the boys, the girls need big legs. But that big? Ok, I’m not saying that all girls should be stick thin, far from it, but do you come across girls in real life with legs this big? Mostly no! Probably, unless you’re a weightlifter or a body builder.

Our intrepid female gamer correspondent Weefz had this to say, “F*** me, her thighs are three times the width of her head! I s’pose it makes a change from the usual T&A.”

Street Fighter IV is released on the 20th Feb 09 on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360