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Fable II DLC – Knothole Island Arrives 13th Jan 09

Fable2-Logo-sm.jpgMicrosoft has announced that the first premium downloadable content for Fable II will be released on the 13th Jan 09 for 800 MS points (or £6.85). The island will be home to lots of new adventures, and hopefully somewhere to spend all the money that I’ve built up whilst playing Fable II!

If you don’t want to give Microsoft any more of your money (remember, don’t give Microsoft your credit card details) you can get hold of the following free items also on the 13th Jan 09:

  • Knight’s Boots
  • Assassins Gloves
  • a special Weight Loss Potion
  • a collectible silver book

Also the update will enable players to check their standing in over 50 new leaderboards on

In the meantime, here’s some shots from Knothole Island.