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London Met blames knives on video games?

Ad campaign screenshot - CG boy with hoodie
There’s a bit of a confused article at Kotaku. He’s seen a London Metropolitan Police ad campaign and thinks that they’re saying games are bad and cause violence. Understandable misinterpretation considering the amount of anti-gaming news that’s around lately but wrong, thankfully.

To clear things up for our non-UK readers, the UK government’s current tactic to “reach out to young people” is to make ads that look like stuff teenagers would want to watch, instead of boring public service announcements. There’s a very good one on road safety here (flash) that’s shown in cinemas – they even went so far as to put a full-sized cardboard standee in the foyer of my local cinema although I don’t really see the point in that, since it totally blends in with the real film standees… Anyway, it works very well for the road safety ads – I was pretty shocked when I first saw that one, coz I thought I was watching a trailer for a Bourne Identity rip-off.

Edit: The Knife City ad has since been taken down so I have removed the link. Am in the process of finding a copy to post here.