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Mel Gibson’s Safari 3 Review (Web-based)

Age Rating: 12+ (we think)

What is it?

2001 emulation of a 1983 Scorpion-8 console game (No, I’ve never heard of the Scorpion-8 console either, if it ever existed at all?) as reviewed by Burnt Face Man

Is it fun?

Yes, for about 1 minute, then it gets a bit repetitive.

Is it worth the money?

Its free!


The graphics are a bit dodgy and the game design is basic at best. Move Mel “Passion of The Christ” Gibson, shoot elephant, move, jump over big spike, shoot Aborigine.
Err, that’s about it.
You are also treated to some truly appalling sampled speech during the game.
I laughed and then I cried when playing this game. Ok, I just stopped playing rather than crying.

1983 – Brilliant (if it was around at this time – ?fake)
2005 – Nostalgic, but a bit rubbish.

It is worth playing (briefly) just to see your Mel Gibson character shooting Aborigines and Elephants! [And they explode! Woohoo! – Weefz]


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