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E3 2016: Mafia III Gameplay and Trailer

2K have released a trailer and a 22-minute gameplay video for Mafia III. Expect blood, fire, strippers, torture and Klansmen.

New Bordeaux is the Mafia III version of New Orleans, covering the city and the bayou. Set in 1968, you play as Lincoln Clay, a war veteran and former member of the Black Mob who go to war against the Italian Mob of the region run by Sal Marcano. Throw in a Haitian gang run by Cassandra Burke Vito and you have plenty of opportunity for mayhem.

The video introduced the major players and districts in New Bordeaux and walks through a mission to cause expensive damage to the business of a kingpin named Lou. The initial job is to murder one of his enforcers but also notable in the mission list: Rob The Orgy.

Mafia III Rob Orgy

The murder mission starts by calling in a weapons dealer to buy hand guns, rifles, shotguns, explosives and vehicle modifications. There’s something called a Screaming Zemi that will lure your targets either as a distraction or to blow them up.

Clay can use the environment as cover and choose to highlight enemies through obstacles. Also, he appears to be ambidextrous with a gun.

Mafia III Lefthanded

Later scenes cover stealth takedowns, less stealthy takedowns, a casino riverboat and a whole lot of shooting. I guess maybe that accounts for all the smoky haze that appears to be hanging over the whole game. Here’s the full gameplay video.

Mafia III is coming this October to Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. Get more info from the official Mafia (game) website.