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Uncharted Themed Treasure Hunt (London)

Three Mobile and Sony are currently running an Uncharted themed treasure hunt around London. Voice actor Nolan North has recorded a series of Uncharted themed cryptic clues as Nathan Drake and located them around London. Using the Recho iOS or Android app on your phone you can listen to each clue when you are at its specific GPS location.
The cryptic clue recordings you are looking for are coloured green and when selected you’ll see they are part of the “Treasure hunt by 3mobile”. I found that you need to be within 30-40m of a clue’s GPS location to be able to listen to it. The app also allows you to save and listen to clues after you’ve found them so you don’t need to solve them standing in the street.

The first person to complete the treasure hunt wins a Sony PS4 console. There’s also a Sony Z5 handset, 10 x Three Pay As You Go SIMs (£100 credit), 10 x Unchartered: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4) and Uncharted merchandise available too.

To start you off, here’s the first clue:

Ah London town. I remember the time me and Sully enjoyed a few rounds in a pub with some locals. We left a little worse for wear that night…
Back then it was an old and precious object that brought me to London, the ring that once belonged to my ancestor: the explorer Sir Francis Drake. His motto was ‘Greatness from small beginnings’. Your path to greatness begins next to the floating symbol of Drake’s great journeys around the world. I’ll give you a clue, it’s “Long Hidden”. I hope you’re good with anagrams.

Good luck and remember what Francis Drake said: There must be a beginning of any great matter, but continuing to the end yields the true glory.

The treasure hunt runs until midday on 5th Dec 2015. But don’t hang about as there may be nothing left to win by then!