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E3 2015: EA Conference and Trailers

E3 2015 - EA Conference Stage PvZGW2

EA opened with a trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda (ME4 but not ME4).

  • It’s coming “Holiday 2016”
  • We saw an N7 officer selecting from a variety of distinct worlds. According to the BioWare blog, he’s not the character we’ll be playing.
  • He has a pistol and an omniblade.
  • I think he’s some kind of space cowboy.

Need For Speed

Marcus Nilsson introduced the new Need for Speed.

  • “The richest customisation ever seen in a Need For Speed game.”
  • Coming 3rd November 2015

Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Knights of The Fallen Empire is coming 27th October 2015
  • New worlds, new companions and a dynamic story that you can shape.
  • Free to SW:TOR subscribers.


Martin Sahlin, Creative Director of Unravel.

  • This game is SO CUTE. At least, the logo cinematic was.
  • Puzzle-platformer playing a character made of yarn who unravels as you move.
  • The thread represents love.
  • “You’re the red thread that runs through someone’s life.”
  • “It’s a quest where you have to be clever and creative to find the proper path.”

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

  • There’s a solo play and a local split-screen mode for all the modes.
  • All players of the original Garden Warfare can transfer their unlocked characters into Garden Warfare 2 at launch.

EA Sports

As usual, I know nothing about the sports section of EA’s business so I’ll just post the trailers here when they’re available and be done with it.

  • Ultimate Teams are still being updated
  • The golf game is now on the Frostbite engine, so no load times between holes.
  • Also, looks very pretty. Presumably because it’s golf so they don’t need to render explosion particles and collapsing buildings.
  • NBA Live 16 “is rooted in self-expression”. You can scan your face. It’s totally better than in NBA2k15, honest.
  • FIFA 16: Pelé happened.

EA Mobile

  • There’s a Star Wars Collectible Card Game which lets you collect and play your favourite heroes from the series.
  • There’s a Minions game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

  • It’s the origin story of Faith from Mirror’s Edge.
  • Faith knows martial arts combat now.
  • It’s free-roaming, no level loading.
  • Out 25th February 2016 in Europe

EA 2015 - EA Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Star Wars Battlefront

  • They showed a segment of the battle on Hoth.
  • 40-player multiplayer.
  • Call in orbital strikes.
  • Fly or run in first or third-person.
  • Fight Darth Vader as Luke Skywalker on Hoth. Wait, what?
  • Play as the Rebels or the Empire

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