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5 Reasons Everyone Must Buy God of War III Re-mastered

God of War III, released for PS3 in 2010, is a thing of beauty. Bloodthirsty, brutal and brilliant beauty. Easily one of the finest games to grace the PS3, and now, thanks to the power of the PS4, it will be re-mastered and re-released, no doubt more beautiful than ever. Following Sony’s announcement, many are sceptical about yet another re-mastered last gen title. So, here are 5 reasons why, whether you have already sampled this pinnacle of persecution or not, it’s time to get your cash out this July.

1. The glorious, satisfying violence

If you haven’t sampled a God of War video game before then, spoiler alert, they are violent. Very violent, which is the point of the series given it’s a ohgod_of_war_3_helios so very angry vengeful ex-god (also a spoiler) trying to take down the mighty Zeus, et al. Unlike the Mortal Kombat series, whose disturbingly obscene fatalities mean less and less as the years go by (try Injustice as a better alternative), here it is of significant importance and relevance, given the nature of the mythos the God of War series is based upon. It is brutal but never out of context or character; particular highlights being the death of Helios and my personal favourite, the final QTE segment with Poseidon, the best use of the L3 + R3 buttons if ever there was one.

2. The beauty will be even more beautiful

Although few details have been announced so far, Sony have stated it will output at 1080p HD and the developers are targeting 60 FPS, so fingers crossed the fierce brutality will somehow look even better. The original was a beast of game in terms of graphical detail; Kratos himself was often heralded as the finest looking character in video games. If it has anything close to the graphical detail of the series prequel God of War: Ascension (and we all expect better from the PS4 as a given), then it will look incredible.

3. It was the best game released on PS3. (No really, it was)

Ok, so this is my opinion, and make of that what you will, but God of War III is not just renowned for its violence; the whole series is a fantastic fusion of fluid combat, awe-inspiring visuals and dignified storytelling. The combat is so fluid and accessible that the only comparison to give is the Bayonetta series; for me it’s the only combat mechanism that can claim victory over Sony’s Santa Monica studios achievements here. The pacing of the campaign is delivered to perfection, with the opening and ending acts among the best I’ve ever experienced. Oh, but don’t forget the violence too.

4. It’s a celebration

The release of this re-master is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the God of War franchise, so it’s only fitting that the best game in the series is the one to be re-packaged. I’m hoping there will be a recap included for newcomers to the series, to widen its appeal, and of course plenty of extras for long-time fans to chew on, of which is usually a certainty.


And finally… That sex scene

I always find that of the very few sex scenes present in video games, they tend to feel a bit awkward (I’m looking at you Fahrenheit/Heavy Rain), but God of War III’s take on Kratos’ carnal desires is arguably more interactive than either of David Cage’s efforts. I expect a wry smile as you read this (for those that know it well), as it is a moment that is as provocative as it is hilarious. It is a moment that, alongside its famous brutality and chaos, is the embodiment of the series’ character.

As more details surface between now and its expected July release, it’s difficult not to be excited by this. Although the PS4 is probably one more re-master away from emulating Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance, this is my most anticipated re-master so far. As I am yet to even own a PS4, this is seriously making me consider my options. I cannot wait.

God of War III Remastered is coming to PS4 in July 2015.