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The Witcher 3: Spent 16 Hours on Mo-cap Sex Scenes

The Witcher 3 Ciri
I spoke to Stan Just, Art Producer on The Witcher 3 a while back. Naturally, I asked him about the sex because I am a pervert.

DT: Tell me about Geralt. Does he have more… He gets naked a lot. Tell me about the sex scenes. Did I hear right that this is a game that you can romance pretty much every woman you meet?

SJ: Well! [laughs] Not every woman because it’s an open world and there are a lot of women within many communities.

Yeah, there are a lot of sex scenes in this game. For example, to tell you an anecdote, we mock up the sex scenes with a pair of actors. And then when we switched actors, one actress came to me and was like “I will be doing the fun stuff?” [laughs] No, no, sorry, the fun stuff has been covered already by your friend.

They were mo-capping sex scenes for two days. Yeah, like 16 hours.

So what does your team then go on to add to that? I guess they’re all in skin-tight suits?

SJ: No, some of them are naked, some of them are not. There are also some very custom scenes within the game – within the main characters that Geralt can romance with – that spice up the flavour of those scenes. That’s not just generic one-on-one relationships.

Where do you go for that kind of inspiration? Do you go for more romantic stuff?

SJ:Yeah, we search the internet for the references all the time.

You’re looking at porn all the time.

SJ:All the time! [laughs]

Best. Job. In. Video Games.

Seriously though, custom scenes spicing up sex with the main characters. Did he suggest a threesome between Geralt, Triss and Ciri? Or Yennefer? Or everyone?

The Witcher 3 Main Characters

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will launch on 19th May 2015 for Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.