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Parliament Week: Democracy in 2115

It’s Parliament Week here in the UK – a week in which the people of the Houses of Parliament attempt to connect with the general UK public with a series of events both online and off. Tonight’s event is Parliament 2115: re-imagining a democracy of the future.

They’ve invited sci-fi, fantasy and comic fans, gamers and scientists to re-imagine democracy in 2115. How do you think parliament would work in a hundred years? What will be the issues? How will people be represented? Will we even need representatives any more?

I’m going along tonight to see what people have to say. Got a message you want me to bring along? Leave a comment or message me on Twitter. You can follow the action through the #SciFiParl hashtag from 6:30pm tonight.

You’ll also be able to get updates on future events from @UKParlOutreach.

I have no idea what to expect so I’ve set up a liveblog below and will post updates whenever I can.

Live Blog Parliament in 2115