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In Other News: Dark Souls 2 DLC, Destiny, Penarium and more

Dark Souls 2 - Crown of the Old Iron King Vendrick Meeting
Here”s another weekly look at things you should read from other UK blogs.

God Is A Geek has reviewed the Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King DLC. According to Richard Simpson, it requires more vertical movement than the base game and is filled with puzzles, new enemies and three new bosses. Also explosions. Lots of fire and explosions.

Those of you up in Scotland may be sad to hear that Game Expo Scotland has been cancelled. Originally scheduled to go ahead in early October, the organisers could not secure enough exhibitors to provide good value to attendees. Sticktwiddlers are hoping to put on a smaller-scale meetup in its stead that online casino weekend, to help bring the Scottish gaming community together.

GGS Gamer”s Steven Pilkington has been playing Penarium, a game about The Amazing Willy. He”s a man who has to battle his way through deadly circus traps to steal collect barrels and earn power-ups. It has a single-player and local co-op modes. Definitely worth a look.

The team at Expansive DLC have apparently been replaced by Elcor as they”ve started to flag every paragraph in their Destiny piece with labels to clearly distinguish between things like in-game balance issues (competencies) and personal choices (confessions) of the author. I like to think that you guys can figure that stuff out on your own but I guess a bit of clarity could be welcomed in these troubled times.