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In Other News: Tearaway Unfolded, Pokémon Red, Magic 2015

Tearaway Cutscene
Continuing our round-up of news from other UK blogs, here’s what happened last week:

GGS Gamer’s Andy Jones is still looking through this year’s set of Magic: The Gathering Releases. This time, it’s the 2015 Clash Pack Fate & Fury. This starter set of two decks comes with a red/green combo deck and a blue/green combo. If you’re gonna buy this pack, I hope you like playing green. It doesn’t come with any booster packs but each deck does have three premium cards to get you hooked on the collectible side of things.

Sticktwiddlers’ Jamie McClellan was banished to the village of Machrihanish for two weeks and spent that time getting helping his Twiddlets with Pokémon Diamond and Platinum. All this inspired him to get reacquainted with that old GameBoy classic, Pokémon Red. He loves that, even without the fancy 3D graphics of modern games, that core goal of hunting in meadows to find and train up pokémon is still tremendous fun.

Colm Ahern’s weekly Debatable show on God Is A Geek looked back at gamescom 2014 and lamented the lack of PlayStation Vita announcements, among other things. “Media Molecule took to the stage and explained how their phenomenal Tearaway was created with the Vita in mind,” said Ahern. “Obviously; it’s a Vita game. The best Vita-exclusive in fact. Well, they revealed that they’ve reworked many of Tearaway’s features to come to the PlayStation 4 in Tearaway Unfolded. Some of the new features look interesting and I have no doubt that this port will be sublime but with that announcement and the lack of Vita representation at the big gamescom show, you could hear Kaz Hirai bang those last few nails into the Vita-shaped coffin.”