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In Other News: EA Access vs PS Now, Sacred 3, Civ and Magic

Welcome to another In Other News, the weekly post where we take a look at what our fellow UK games bloggers are up to.

God Is A Geek - Colm Ahern

Over on GodIsAGeek, video editor Colm Ahern is debating which is actually better value, EA’s recently-announced Xbox One-exclusive EA Access subscriber programme or Sony’s PlayStation Now. “If you’re in any way a sports fan of some sort, you are getting your money’s worth here,” said Ahern. “You download these titles to your box and you play them at your ease. All in all, it’s a very good deal. But Sony doesn’t think so.”

“…But then, Sony are trying to launch their own Netflix-software-thing.”


GGS Gamer have taken a break from their screens and are trying out the cardboard version of Magic: The Gathering. Andy Jones has reviewed the Journey Into Nyx introductory decks: a black and white one called Pantheon’s Power and a green and white deck name Mortals of Myth. As an experienced Magic player, he suggests that Mortals of Myth is entirely weak while Pantheon’s Power is too complex for new players.

After playing a load of Civilization V, Sticktwiddler Jamie McLellan has decided to dip his toes back in the murky origins of the Civilization series. He’s playing the first game again and has new appreciation for how the series has retained its roots.

Sacred 3 - Fighter

Villordsutch at Expansive DLC has reviewed Sacred 3 and come to entirely the opposite conclusion from the review on TAG. Our own Patrick Day-Childs said “The dialogue is pretty appalling and you can’t really do anything about it.” Villordsutch said “Humour is scattered right through”. That aside, Villordsutch obviously had a good time with the game are who are we to argue? (People with better taste in games, that’s who.)