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Win! £50 Google Play Credit #IfIHadGlass…

Google Glass Header
Google Glass was finally released to the public earlier this month. Or at least, a limited amount was released to that segment of the public who have $1,500 (around £900) to burn on new technology and live in the US, thanks to their Google Explorer program. Nevertheless, it will reach our rocky UK shores eventually and I’m going to check out the latest version very soon.

Nick and I did try out the kit back at gamescom last year. We played Escape, an Android game that was adapted to use Glass. Here’s the video.

While it works fine to swipe on the touchpad and make a character jump, I don’t think this is sexy enough to spend $1,500 on a new device. I’m looking for your big ideas for Glass. Thanks to Virgin Media, I have £50 of Google Play credit to give away for the best suggestion so if you have an Android device, or you know someone who does, then tell us what you’d do if you had Google Glass.

Here’s what it features:

  • The heads-up display
  • A microphone with voice recognition
  • A touchpad
  • Internet connectivity including Google Maps and Google Now
  • A video camera that also takes 5MP photos
  • 4GB storage memory for recordings
  • Social network sharing of photos and videos

So what would you want to do if you had Google Glass? Leave a comment below or tweet us on @TheAvgGamer using the hashtag #IfIHadGlass. The best answer will win £50 of credit for Google Play.

Competition closes at 6pm, 24th April.