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Distinctly Average 12 – Cockrockets

Wolfenstein The New Order - Castle

Wolfenstein: The New Order is more than just a shooty bang Nazi castle romp, while Sean and Nick agree that Strider is worthy of its pedigree. We all discuss the Titanfall beta, Colin and Sean ponder Ground Zeroes and Nick thinks too much about titan groin regions.


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Debbie (@weefz)
Sean (@seanlabode)
Colin (@colincgallacher)
Nick (@captskyrocket)

00:30 Irrational Games closure
08:43 Chroma from Harmonix
12:40 Vib-Ribbon
14:20 Titanfall demo
21:30 Mass murderers in games
23:40 GTA prostitutes
27:50 Solid Snake/MGS/Ground Zeroes
39:15 Titanfall. Also Transformers and codpieces.
49:09 Cockrockets
50:30 Call of Duty: Ghosts
51:08 Strider
59:20 Ultra Street Fighter IV
63:04 Resident Evil IV PC release
67:50 Wolfenstein: The New Order

Show Notes

Ken Levine’s message about closing down Irrational Games.

Some info on gameplay in Chroma from Harmonix. (I posted the Chroma trailer the other day)

IGN’s piece on the monsters in Titanfall.


The Wolfenstein Boom Boom trailer.