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Dead Rising 3 Co-Op and Super-Combos

Dead Rising 3 Nick Bearinator and Dick Ultimate Grim Reaper
Dead Rising 3’s co-op character was revealed this week at the Tokyo Game Show, along with info on the super-combo weapons – ones that you’ll need at least three components and multiple blueprints to craft.

You’ll be able to drop in and out of a friend’s game at any time over Xbox Live, playing a new character named Dick. Dick is portrayed as a wise-cracking trucker who sees Nick as his best chance of getting out of Los Perdidos. (He is completely incorrect about this if I’m the one playing Nick. I realy enjoy the Dead Rising games but I’ve never successfully escaped the setting of one).

Dick and Nick (I know, right?) will share experience and quests, so if you complete a quest playing in your friend’s game, that and all the experience you’ve earned will carry back to your own savegame. You’ll be able to replay the missions again in your own game if you want to, but it’s not necessary.

The super-combo weapons are a new, more powerful tier of weapon. Rather like the Blitzkrieg (sadly, not available in Dead Rising 3), you’ll often have to construct lower-tier combo weapons first, before upgrading to the deadlier version. The Ultimate Grim Reaper is made from a katana, a scythe, a gas canister and a mask. That’s it pictured in the screenshot at the top of this post. The Bearinator that Nick is holding is just one of eight variants that improve upon the Freedom Bear from Dead Rising 2. Given that some of those upgrades add grenade launchers, I would run a mile if I saw that thing bobbing towards me.

I managed to make a Massive Bomb during my Dead Rising 3 hands-on session at gamescom. It’s bloody brilliant. Slam a bunch of dynamite together with a few other bits and you can blow a clearing in any zombie gathering. Stand too close and it’ll blow all your clothes off, leaving Nick standing around in just his underpants, the poor lad.

Here is a picture of the Mecha Dragon. I don’t know precisely what that is but I… I want Dead Rising 3. If only I had £480 just lying around somewhere.

Dead Rising 3 - Mecha Dragon