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Dungeon Keeper Preview Pt 2 – Combat and IAP

Dungeon Keeper Horny
The new Dungeon Keeper isn’t solely about fending off other players. Senior Producer Jeff Skalski told Nick and I that there are three distinct modes:

  • Find Opponent will cost some in-game money and match you to online opponents of a similar level.
  • The single-player mode is free and has offensive and defensive sides, getting progressively more challenging.
  • And finally, there are limited time raids to attack your friends’ dungeons.

Yesterday I posted the first part of our preview, in which he took us through a few of the basic Dungeon Keeper rooms and defences.

Here’s the second part, in which he showed us those defences in action through the Test Your Dungeon option. Judging by the menu screen shown in the video, each test will likely cost you some in-game currency.

We also talked with Skalski about more minion types and asked him about the philosophy behind the in-app purchases for this free-to-play game.

As always, there’s a written summary below.

Where the original Dungeon Keeper on PC had you using the mouse to simulate a hand, the new touchscreen Dungeon Keeper controls uses your actual hand, as you might expect. Swipe across the screen to smack your imps around and give them an efficiency boost or cast the Cluck Off spell on an invader and crush its hapless chicken form under your godly thumb.

The Dragon Breath spell summons a floating dragon’s head for a short time. Touch the screen to direct where his fiery breath targets, using it to clear rooms that your invaders may be approaching. Once the trolls clear a room, you can use it to deploy more minions closer to the dungeon heart.

Dungeon Keeper TrapsWarlocks are ranged troops who can fire on flying attackers. Skeletons are the cannon fodder – easy to kill but slow down the enemy troops. Skalski promised that the Mistress will be coming back, as well as other minion types that will be revealed later in the year. Based on the screenshot above, bile demons will be making an appearance.

The map that we were shown measures approximately 35 x 35 squares but this hasn’t been finalised yet. We should also hear about more room types whenever Mythic is ready to reveal them.

On the in-app purchases, Skalski told us that they will mostly be focused around build timers. Low-level rooms will pop up quite quickly but a level 9 hatchery could take a day to build, or you could knock some time off by paying a bit of real money.

Since it’s free, do you think this game will be worth checking out? I know from reading the reactions to our last video that people really hate the new, cartoony art style but are there any redeeming factors in there?