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World Of Warplanes Interview – Oleg Gotynyan

World Of Warplanes - Nick Silversides And Oleg Gotynyan

I got to talk with Oleg Gotynyan the Studio Manager for World of Warplanes during Wargaming’s 15th anniversary weekend of celebrations in Minsk, Belarus. World of Warplanes is a free to play aircraft MMO like World of Tanks.

With the beta just over 1 month old I asked Oleg about the type of feedback they’d received from players particularly on the topic of aircraft balancing. We also discussed the flight model behind the game as Wargaming wanted Warplanes to be easy to learn but hard to master all through a casual control system.

If you’ve played the beta you may have come across pilots who simply fly into other aircarft “kamikaze style” to take them out. You can hear what Oleg had to say on the topic of player behaviour and how to handle people flying into each other. We also talked about the possibility of in-cockpit views, weather effects having more of an impact in teach battle, plans for the rest of the beta and monthly game updates.

On the subject of British warplanes, Wargaming have announced that they will be added to the game before its release later on this year. Iconic aircraft like the Bulldog, Spitfire, Mk1 and the Blenheim F can be seen in the British warplanes trailer.

World of Warplanes is available to download and play for free from the World of Warplanes website.