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Play Your Crusader Kings II Save in Europa Universalis IV

Crusader Kings 2 Europa Universalis 4 banner
Thinking of picking up Europa Universalis IV when it comes out? (You can read Paul Dean’s wonderful hands-on preview here).

Paradox Interactive has just announced a very cool new feature for pre-orders – you’ll get a free copy of strategy/RPG Crusader Kings II as well as a savegame exporter than carries your Crusader Kings II game empires forward into Europa Universalis II. You’ll also receive the previous pre-order bonuses: the 100 Years War Unit Pack which includes unique unit models; and the Purple Phoenix pack, which adds unique events and models themed around the Byzantine Empire.

The free copy of Crusader Kings II and savegame exporter will be made available from tomorrow to all preorders. If you already own the game, you’ll be able to pass your free copy on to a friend.

You can learn more about the feature in a developer’s livestream happening at 6pm BST tonight, 30th July on the Paradox Interactive Twitch channel.

Europa Universalis IV will be released on 18th August for Windows. Get more details on the preorder bonuses from the official website.