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Assassin’s Creed IV: Special Editions and New Trailer

This new “gameplay” trailer of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag once again proves how good Ubisoft’s international developer army is at churning out polished demos. Shark-punching opportunities confirmed.

In it, we see Edward Kenway with a suspiciously clean-looking Blackbeard, spectacular sunsets over as whales leap into the air during naval battles, some beautiful underwater shots of the Kenway and his ship’s diving bell and, of course, a whole lot of killing.

It also confirms that, even though we’ve been told Kenway won’t be able to run around the treetops from the beginning, he does eventually learn those all-important air assassinations for the jungle. I wonder if he learns that for himself, or if we have another jungle-dwelling mentor like Agaté from Liberation.

Shame about the voice-over. We were already introduced to Kenway in the first reveal trailer which got what, over 5 million views across the various sites, not even counting the hundreds of thousands who undoubtedly watched the leaked version directly. Blackbeard’s storywas brilliant – filled with foreboding and with that added punch that even the might Blackbeard is in awe of our protagonist. Why introduce him again with this soulless marketing spiel, even if it does have that all-too-rare British accent?

You’ll also notice that at the end it says “coming to next generation consoles”, all but confirming it will be on whatever console Microsoft will reveal soon.

As well as the trailer, Ubisoft have also announced their various special editions and a VIP program.

The Black Chest Edition (Uplay exclusive)

Assassins Creed IV - Edward rooftopYou can only get this from UPlay, at a whopping £109.99 for the PC version and £119.99 for the current consoles. For that you get:

  • A 55 cm Diorama of Captain Edward on a teeny tiny version of the Jackdaw’s Bow
  • A SteelBook case
  • An artbook
  • The official soundtrack
  • 2 lithographs in their protective envelope
  • 2 canvas prints
  • A fancy Collector’s box
  • A parchment world map [cloth map! cloth map!]
  • An original Black Flag replica. [Wait, what’s an original replica? Like… this is very definitely a replica of a virtual item Oh marketers.]
  • And all existing additional Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag unlockable game content, including single player missions, skins and weapons.

Assassins Creed IV - Collectors Black Chest Edition Mock-up

The Buccaneer Edition

This edition will be exclusive to Game in the UK & Gamestop in Ireland. They haven’t announced a price yet but here’s what you’ll get:

  • A different Edward Kenway Figurine on the Jackdaw’s Crow’s Nest
  • An artbook
  • Assassins Creed IV - Collectors Buccaneers Edition Mock-up

  • The official soundtrack
  • 2 lithographs with protective envelope
  • Collector’s box
  • 3 extra single-player missions (downloadable)
  • Captain Kenway’s Legacy – A set of golden dual swords and a Treasure Hunter multiplayer outfit.
  • The Skull Edition

    You’ll be able to buy this one at any old retailer, like the commoner that you are.

    • Collector Jumbo Steel Case
    • An artbook
    • Assassins Creed IV - Collectors Skull Edition Mock-up

    • The official soundtrack
    • Those 2 lithographs and their envelope again
    • 2 of the single-player missions that the rich people got
    • Captain Kenway’s Legacy

    The VIP program is called The Watch and will be available to people who pre-order and register online with their activation code. I have exactly no solid information about what it will offer, so here’s their PR blurb instead.

    THE WATCH offers unique content that goes deeper into the Assassin’s Creed universe, granting exclusive access to additional information, bonus content, rewards and the opportunity to take part in an exclusive quest designed specifically for VIP members. Customers who register for THE WATCH will become a member of a select community of Assassin’s Creed fans who can participate in online discussions, upload their own content and compare their skills and achievements!

    I gather it will be exclusive, then. Here’s the link if you want to sign up in the hopes of getting mroe information. I couldn’t be arsed, to be perfectly honest.