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Lionhead Studios’ Break Into Games Advice

Lionhead - Fable Heroes Dev DiaryLionhead Studios, creators of the Fable and Black & White series have published a series of stories covering how key members of the team got into the games industry.

In a nutshell: Make some games. Build a portfolio. Maybe get into the testing department.

Ted Timmins (no relation), Lead Designer on Fable Heroes:

“When I finished college, I sent my extremely limited CV to every videogame company under the sun! Lionhead Studios were the only company to respond to my letter, and invited me in for a 1 week Work-Experience. I was then offered a 1 month contract as a Tester on Fable. 1 month became 3 months, 3 months became 6, and 8 years later I found myself as the Lead Designer on Fable Heroes.”

David Eckelberry, Game Director:

“I started out as a “professional” game designer with paper-based games: board games, card games, and roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons…

The advice is simple: start making things.”

Read more from GUI Artist Jenny Peers and Lead Level Designer Charlton Edwards over on the Lionhead blog – Getting into the Games Industry.

[Header image taken from the Fable Heroes Dev Diary]