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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Dated and Details

Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Logo
Capcom”s expansion to their fantasy RPG Dragon”s Dogma has been dated for 26th April and more details have been released.

Now, I”m relatively new to Dragon”s Dogma – I picked it up cheap in November – but my god, that game is AMAZING. It”s a non-linear adventure following your adventures as the Arisen. Sure, you have the suggestion of a prophecy but you just spend your days wandering the world, picking flowers and getting stuck into giant boss-like battles all over the place. The game has its problems – I must have climbed half a dozen Chimera by now to slash off their snake tails and they”re getting a little tedious – but I”m still really enjoying it.

Dragon”s Dogma: Dark Arisen comes with all the content from the original Dragon”s Dogma, plus new areas and an improved menu system. New players can start from the beginning, while fans online casino of the first game are able to import their original characters and work their way through high level skill-sets, new weapons and new armour. Owners of the original will also receive 100,000 Rift Crystals, unlimited Ferrystones for fast travel and the Gransys Armour Pack, which has 6 new costumes.

The PSN version is priced at a wallet-friendly £19.99 (or €29.99) and online retailers are selling the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions for even cheaper. It”ll also be out on the Xbox Games on Demand service later in the year.

Here”s the new trailer, which is sadly lacking the epic title music from B”z that”s practically a defining feature of Dragon”s Dogma.

And here”s a summary of the new content, from the press release:

  • A massive new underground realm to explore featuring over 25 terrifying new enemies
  • Level 3 Skills: Dragon”s Dogma: Dark Arisen provides each character class with a new tier of skills, giving players new devastating abilities and skills to master
  • Over 100 pieces of new equipment
  • All new high level weapons and armor sets for players venturing into the underground caverns.
  • 14 new character/Pawn augments
  • New tiers of equipment enhancement
  • Increased character customisation options
  • Item appraisal
  • Option to select Japanese voice over

You can preorder Dragon”s Dogma Dark Arisen now, for its 26h April release.


Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen - Climbing Elder Ogre Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen - Strigoi Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen - Elder Ogre Head Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen - Elder Ogre