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City of Steam: New Costumes for Guards

I’ve always found it interesting to see the way things change during game development. After the recent City of Steam betas, the art team realised that their original guard costumes were out of step with the rest of the world.

City of Steam - Old Guards

Check out those giant pauldrons. Marvel at the checkerboard detailing. Admire the swirling pattern on the female guard’s boobplate that begs for you to stare at her nips.

Nexan guards are important figures in their society, they are there to protect the innocent, investigate crimes and crack down on organized crime, amongst numerous other tasks.
City of Steam Art Dev Journal.

Sure, that plate armour must really help them walk the streets all day for a day of investigation. Thankfully, the art team has lightened their load with some snazzy-yet-understated new threads. They’ve still done some strange and disturbing things with the female guard’s chest, but it looks far more practical. I do wonder if that junior male guard spends his days worrying about being kneecapped.

City of Steam - New Guards