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The Fight for Omega – A Twitter Story

On 26th November 2012, the day before the Omega DLC was released for Mass Effect 3, two new Twitter accounts appeared. This is their story.

Fight for Omega

On 26th November 2012, the day before the Omega DLC was released for Mass Effect 3, two Twitter accounts appeared. This is their story.

Storified by Debbie Timmins · Tue, Nov 27 2012 04:37:59

Talons, this frequency is now open. Myself and base leaders have access to this channel. 24 hour broadcast cycle begins now. -NTalons
“N” is Nyreen Kandros, a female Turian who leads Talons mercenary organisation on Omega. 
To all Omega citizens: For your convenience General Petrovsky has established this channel for public service announcements and news alerts.OmegaCerberus
Oleg Petrovsky, Cerberus General and invader of Omega. His story is told in the Mass Effect: Invasion comic #3 published by Dark Horse.
As we secure Omega against Reaper incursions, please cooperate with all Cerberus directives. Your safety is our top priority.OmegaCerberus
Join the Talons and help us free Omega from Cerberus! Be part of the solution! We need you!Talons
Cerberus is recruiting! No experience? No problem! Our orientation provides combat training and gene therapy packages. Change your life now!OmegaCerberus
Security reminder: Let’s keep things tight. We haven’t had anyone turn in a while. Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen now. -HTalons
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Turns out the Cerberus troops were using an extremely old-fashioned encryption method: ROT-13. Perhaps they thought it was so ancient that no one would consider it.
@Aria_TLoak "Civilian dissenters tracked to Fumi District.Deploy troopers and new mech units to eliminate. Hunt ringleaders for processing."Andy
Did you see that encrypted message flash by on the Cerberus public feed? Get me some codebreakers on that, ASAP. -NTalons
New codebreakers are showing potential – but the news isn’t good. Cerberus is planning to crack down on some civilians in Fumi District. -NTalons
Cerberus engineers in Fumi District are repairing an electrical conduit. Please cooperate if escorted to safety.OmegaCerberus
Get in touch with extraction teams. We have to get over there now. If the civilians are too rowdy, Cerberus will go to live ammunition. -NTalons
Mechs deployed to Fumi District to assist in conduit repairs. Anticipate power outage situation to be resolved decisively very soon.OmegaCerberus
No go. Our extraction teams are already working in the detainment centers in the lower levels. We’re locked down on resources right now. -HTalons
Won’t do. Heading to scout area. Send in extraction team as soon as they bug out. I’ll guide civilians out of trouble myself if need be. -NTalons
"The civilized being prizes freedom above all. Yet civilization itself is only possible through unyielding discipline."- General PetrovskyOmegaCerberus
The place is crawling with Cerberus. -NTalons
Due to recent black-market activity, rations will now only be given on receipt of a valid ID. Keep us informed and keep your family full!OmegaCerberus
Civs found! Contact established. Heading for tunnel entry point FD-09. -NTalons
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Cerberus presence spiked. Civilians laying low. When the extraction team is clear, send them to the pre-arranged location. -NTalons
Notorious criminal Nyreen Kandros, "leader" of Talon criminal gang, sighted in Fumi District. Remain calm. Security forces en route.OmegaCerberus
Base leaders, codebreakers are reporting I’ve been spotted by Cerberus forces. Looks like I’m the decoy. -NTalons
Make a difference in your district! Report any strange behavior or activity to your nearest Cerberus patrol. Rewards offered!OmegaCerberus
Boss, extraction team B2 just reported in. Their civs are stashed away safely. They’re heading back out and toward you now. -TTalons
Belay that. Send them straight to Fumi District, stat. I’m drawing Cerberus forces away from the civilians there. -NTalons
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@Omega_Cerberus Locking down Fumi District due to persistent Talon activity. Full purge authorized–get every Talon. Petrovsky’s orders.Aubrey Sort
Crap. Hit an encrypted door. Codebreakers: Can anyone translate this, fast? -NTalons
Hmm… this isn’t ROT13. Or the password is taenarum_I3it3s. Regardless, someone managed to crack it.
Wanted criminal Nyreen Kandros now cornered in the Fumi District. Arrest anticipated soon. Thank you for your continued vigilance!OmegaCerberus
Worked. Thanks! -NTalons
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We are currently stress-testing security mechs in Fumi and Zeta Districts. Please stay off the streets, as live ammunition may be used.OmegaCerberus
Safe. Staying high. Mechs are crawling all over the place. -NTalons
Current mech testing scenarios active: Fumi, Zeta Districts. Stay clear. Cerberus is not responsible for accidents.OmegaCerberus
Due to reactor safety concerns, the Elek Processing Plant is shut down until further notice. Site is OFF LIMITS to all employees.OmegaCerberus
We have no eyes on, just got locked out of the vid system. Extraction team is on standby. Careful out there, boss. -TTalons
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@Omega_Cerberus Closing in on target. Hackers report vid system secure. Talons are blind out there. Beta squad, cover the northbound exitTravis Atkinson
Thank you, Codebreakers. I’ve found a safe vantage point, observing the situation until my next move. Move the civilians, slow and easy. -NTalons

Omega for Mass Effect 3 is out now on Xbox 360 and coming tomorrow, 28th November for PSN.