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Watch Ghost Recon Alpha Here

Here’s the Ghost Recon Alpha live-action film that was commissioned by Ubisoft and directed by François Alaux. Alaux is one of the award-winning directors for a quirky animated short called Logorama.

This film is a prequel to the shooter Ghost Recon: Future Soldier which is due out on Friday. It follows a Ghost infiltration team as they track down a clandestine meeting.

I’ve just watched the film myself and… well… I got bored. It’s fun to see the drone whizzing about spying on everyone but as a film, it leaves me cold. There are no recognisable cues like the HUD and very little reference to the ghost camouflage function that’s rather crucial to the game. Basically, this bit of gruff military action could have come from almost any near-future conflict story.

The characters are quite dull too. In games it’s fine to just drop you in with a bunch of soldiers because the teamwork gives you that bond and makes you care about them.

I say care about them; I mean shout angrily at them to get the heck out of my way when I’m trying to aim, but hey. Feeling are feelings, right?

This film though – it’s clear that the Ghost team care about each other but to me? I couldn’t care less. I have no idea who they are, nor what they’re trying to do. Even when you learn what’s happening, there’s nothing to win your loyalty. Nobody is particularly brave. Nobody is funny. There are no politics to speak of. It’s just a bunch of grey soldiers in a grey environment doing what soldiers do – terrorising the locals and killing people. I guess we’re just supposed to empathise with the Ghost team because they’re the Americans?

Also, it appears to be 24 minutes long but it’s more like 20 with 4 full minutes of credits. (FOUR!)

Have you watched it for yourself? Let me know if you find any redeeming features.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be out on 25th May for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and for PC on 15th June.