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Daily News Round-up 22/03/12

Angry Birds in Spaaaaaaaaace

Angry Birds Space arrived on iOS, Android, PC and Mac today. The latest episode in Rovio’s hugely successful franchise sees the Birds exit the stratosphere, giving fans the chance to experiment with new characters and mechanics in zero gravity.

The app comes with 60 levels, and more are expected to arrive in the form of updates and in-app purchases. The latest instalment was given a massive marketing push, including a launch trailer filmed on the International Space Station. Check it out, it’s really special:

Having had the chance to play the game today, as I’m sure millions of other fans have, I’m loving the physics-bending throws available in the new game.

Minecraft, Trials Evolution, Bloodforge and Fable Heroes Release Dates Confirmed for XBLA

Release dates for four upcoming Xbox Live Arcade games have been confirmed by Microsoft. First out the door is Trials Evolution, sequel to the beloved Trials HD on April 18, costing 1200 Microsoft Points. The sequel comes packed with multiplayer, a track editor and customisation options for both rider and bike, as well as a ton of new tracks for players to try and beat their friend’s times.

This is swiftly followed by Bloodforge on April 25 for 1200 MSP, then Fable Heroes the following week (May 2, 800 MSP). Fable Heroes deviates from the series, offering fans a hack-and-slash game with four-player co-op.

And last, but by no means least, is Notch’s building behemoth Minecraft, arriving on the Marketplace May 9 for 1600 MSP. The hugely addictive block-builder, which has already seen millions of PC owners plough days into creating some of the most inventive cities imaginable, now comes with a new building interface and a tutorial to help players get started. Finally, players won’t have to have the Minecraft Wiki constantly at the ready whilst in the early hours of the game, and I’ll stop punching trees for 3 hours a day. Minecraft on 360 also offers split-screen multiplayer. Notch was recently honoured with the Special Achievement award at the GAME BAFTA Videogame Awards, showing how much of an impact Minecraft has had.

Sony Confirm LittleBig Planet Karting

Sony officially announced LittleBig Planet Karting today, though it feels like we’ve known about it for a while. A rumour broke in February after an image leaked including the game’s logo and screenshots, but Sony has now released a trailer for the game. The game is being developed by United Front Games, who develop Sony’s other exclusive kart racer ModNation Racers. Media Molecule is helping United Front Game’s with LBP Karting’s development.

There are few details on the game, but “objective based missions, boss battles and mini-games” will feature.

How to do Sequels – By Egoraptor

Whilst browsing YouTube looking for speed runs of classic games and other videogame-related clips, I stumbled across Egoraptor’s channel. Among his hilarious sketches, including Street Fighter’s Dudley upper-cutting an old lady and an aggressive Pikachu, are his great clips discussing videogame sequels. If you want to know why Mega Man is one of the greatest videogame series of all time, and why 16-bit Mega Man is as equally deserving of praise as the 8-bit classics, check out Egoraptor’s intelligent, and hysterical dissection of the franchise.