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SoulCalibur V Tournament, 17th March

Enjoying SoulCalibur V? Namco Bandai are holding a UK tournament and the EU finals of their SoulCalibur Impact competition in Hampstead on 17th March 2012.


St Stephen’s Rosslyn Hill, Pond St, Hampstead, London NW3 2PP

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17th March 2012
UK tournament registration: 12-1.30pm
EU Final: 4pm (also including the well-known EMEA territory of Australia, so we’ve been told)
End of event: 11pm

What is it?

The UK tournament will be a 32-person elimination tournament. Everyone who wants to compete needs to register at the venue on the day but priority will be given to those who pre-register online.

For the spectators (and losers) there will be plenty of machines around for casual play on both SoulCalbiur V and previous games, some drinks and other fun stuff.


Of course! The UK tournament winner goes straight into the EMEA finals at 4pm so be sure to get lots of sleep the night before. He or she will also win £500, a shiny trophy, a Mad Catz stick of some kind and the lovely T-shirt pictured on the right from Insert Coin.

Second and third place will each get a Mad Catz stick and a t-shirt.

Good luck to everyone who takes part.

SoulCalibur V is out now on PS3 and Xbox 360.