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Gaming News: 6th Jan 2011

More things you need to know from the past 24 hours.

South Park RPG: You may have heard that the geniuses behind Fallout New Vegas are doing a South Park RPG. New screenshots came out today, showing that Cartman has put on his robe and his wizard hat. Be afraid.

You can see more pics and screenshots from the game on our Facebook page.

Planetside 2: Beta sign-ups are open for Planetside 2, the world-conquering sequel to 2003’s original MMOFPS. Quick recap – it’s a persistent world with 3 factions. Battle for control of regions on the hexagonal map to capture the base and gain resources for your faction. One nice touch is that your skill improve over time whether you’re playing or not. Just remember to queue them up before logging out.

Enlist for the Planetside 2 beta.

Cheap Indie Games: The IndieRoyale New Year’s Bundle has been announced. Get Nuclear Dawn, Max & The Magic Marker, Fractal and Super Crossfire dirt cheap. The current minimum price is £2.62 so get on over there.

Direct2Drive Migration: Those of you who’ve bought games through Direct2Drive will have heard that they’re moving to GameFly. Not all games will be supported on GameFly and none of the non-game files will be available after the transition. Download all your non-game files before Tuesday 17th Jan or you will lose them. D2D are advising customers to download any game files they wish to keep, just in case they aren’t supported. More details on the migration FAQ. (Thanks for the date, @LewieP)

Mass Effect Preorder Bonuses: These were announced a couple of days ago but I forgot to cover them :P IF you preorder the game, you’ll get 2 extra weapons (assault rifle and shotgun) plus a different bit of armour. All well and good for the Soldiers among you but as a Vanguard, I deal most of my damage with biotics and there’s no image of the armour on FemShep. Bleh.

Go to the ME3 website for more info on these and the N7 Collector’s Edition.

GTA III History: Rockstar have been doing a Q&A on Grand Theft Auto III over on their website. Lots of worthwhile stuff there, including the facts about the mysterious ghost island that floats above the city. Here’s their gallery of previously-unreleased concept art for the game.