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Live Demo of King Arthur II Tonight

King Arthur II is an upcoming real-time strategy game, marketing itself as a crossover of sorts with the RPG genre. I had a quick look at it during Gamescom and remain unconvinced by the role-playing elements, which seems to be just picking options from a text-based story than any major role-playing. Fine for a game based around text, like the superb Echo Bazaar but I found it a little odd. Unless the role-playing decisions are tied into your technology trees, what’s the point?

This may yet be the case, however. Paradox Interactive will be live-streaming the prologue chapter of King Arthur II at 7pm tonight (GMT). You can watch Neocore’s Orsolya Tóth (Neocore_Kate) and Linda Bozoradi (Neocore_Linda) uncovering the story of how King Arthur came into power in this chapter, Dead Legions. See how the game actually plays out without having to download a giant demo.

There will also be Q&A session with the developers. I’ve embedded the livestream for below and you’ll be able to participate in the chat over on the Paradox TwitchTV channel. See you at 7pm!

King Arthur II – The Role-Playing Wargame is out on PC later this month. Pre-order to get the prologue chapter for free.