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Naughty Dog’s Richmond Discusses Harrison Ford Uncharted 3 Trailer

Uncharted3_LogoEarlier on today I interviewed Justin Richmond, game director of Uncharted 3 and asked him if he’d seen the clip released by Sony of Harrison Ford playing the game.

He said “I have. It blew my mind. Yesterday we were in Italy and one of the guys from Sony had loaded it up on his phone and we watched the 6 minute one. I was very skeptical. I don’t think he playing it. This is like Harrison Ford, he’s like 70 years old right? But then as I was watching it, it was like, he’s actually playing the game, hitting the buttons. He’s actually into it enough that he’s having a hard time talking at the same time. That made me think he’s actually playing cause they are asking him questions and he’s looking at the game doing stuff and like trying to respond at the same time just like you would if you were actually playing. That was really cool. I was like ‘wow, Harrison Ford’. Just that fact he’s playing the game.”

There a spoiler in the video, if you watch and listen carefully. Richmond explains “There’s this moment at the end where he’s playing the cargo plane sequence and you fall out of the plane. You hear him go ‘Oh, I’m dead.’ He says that, like ‘I’m dead.’ They don’t show what happens as we haven’t ever shown that because we don’t want to spoil it for the players but you can hear what happens. Then just see this big smile on his face, it’s totally genuine and my heart melted. I was like ‘OMG, Indiana Jones is smiling looking at Uncharted’. Amy [Hennig] wrote me and said ‘Dude, this is the best thing ever.’ It’s so flattering to see something like that and see a guy like that be enthralled by something we did is really, really nice.”

You’ll see more from this interview later on this week, where Richmond talks about the things that Naughty Dog have hidden in the game for players to discover.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is released on the 2nd Nov on PlayStation 3.

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