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Daily News – The Witcher 2, FIFA 12, PSN Welcome Pack, WipEout 2048 and more

TAG_DPadSmallYup, there’s a helluva lot of news coming out this week. Not surprising given that E3 conferences start on Monday. Here are our picks of today.

  • CD Projekt RED announced in their Summer Conference that The Witcher 2 will be released on Xbox 360 before the end of 2011 and that patch 1.2 for the PC is available today.This will include a new downloadable feature – Barbers and Coiffeuses.
  • Famously DRM-free PC game distributors are releasing more than 25 classics from EA including Wing Commander Privateer, Dungeon Keeper, Ultima Underworld, Magic Carpet, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and Crusader: No Remorse.
  • You can now download Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio to play on your PC. Whilst the demos are free, the full versions of both games cost $4.95. Alternatively, you can play Angry Birds in your browser for nothing.
  • Sony’s added loads more content on to the PlayStation Store in an effort to clear the backlog that’s been building up during the long period of downtime. This update consists mostly of game add-ons and themes.
  • The PlayStation Network Welcome Back Program is now available worldwide. You have 30 days from today to claim your 2 free games per PSN account that was registered before the 21st April 2011.
  • WipEout 2048 on Sony’s NGP console comes with cross-platform multiplayer so you’ll be able to challenge PS3 wipEout Fury players.
  • The sequel to the unforgiving, but very well-received Demon’s Souls has a release date. Dark Souls will be coming out on the PlayStation 3 on the 7th Oct 2011. See Dan’s review of the first game here.
  • There’s a new Star Trek game in the works over at Paramount Digital Entertainment. Scheduled for release next summer, the game will be a Kirk/Spock action adventure using the J.J. Abrams 2009 Star Trek timeline and featuring an original story by Marianne Krawczyk (God of War). No word on whether they’ll be digitising Chris Pine’s face for Kirk but I’m sure our esteemed editor Debbie is living in hope.
  • Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIII-2 – coming next Winter.

And finally, we have the latest FIFA 12 trailer, showing off some new additions to the game like the player impact engine, precision dribbling and tactical defending.