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London’s MCM Expo – Cosplayers!

That cult paradise that is the Manga Comics Media Expo was back in London over the weekend. The games section is growing ever larger but what with having a pass for Saturday only, I didn’t manage to get on any of them. Nope, my unquestionable advice to if you want to play games at MCM is to not bloody go on a Saturday. You will be surrounded by hordes of children, anime fans and, of course, cosplayers.

So, rather than wasting my time in queues for games I’ve either already played (games blogging win!) or will download the demo for when it’s ready, I spent my day taking photos of cute things and cosplayers! Sometimes they were one and the same, as with this cosplayer of Taokaka from Blaz Blue.

Charlotte Soppitt as Taokaka

Downstairs I found a few escapees from Kingdom Hearts 2 and Bleach.

L-R: Robin van Rossum as True Xemnas, Joshua Grahame as Roxas and James MacDonald as Hollow Ichigo

Joshua and Grahame flanking some dude dressed as Terra from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

And then I got distracted by all the beautiful merchandise:

Geeky belt buckles from

Adorable T-shirts from

And also this…


Yup, that’s MCM.

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