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Gatling Gears – Are You Ready To Blow Stuff Up?

GatlingGears_LogoThe rather swish-looking Gatling Gears from Vanguard Games is now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Sporting some fantastic old school, top-down shooting action reminiscent of classic games like Fernandez Must Die and SWIV mixed with the all out carnage of Raiden 2. It even looks like an even more destructive version of the recent Assault Heroes game.

Gatling Gears features 30 areas in which you have to save your planet by blowing most of it up, as you do. Online and off-line co-op modes are also available allowing you to wreak havoc with a friend.

It’s great to see games like this featuring an offline co-op mode so people can play together in the same room, as co-op play shouldn’t be restricted to only playing online.

Alas, PlayStation 3 owners are going to have to wait until the PlayStation Network comes back online before playing Gatling Gears.

Gatling Gears is out now on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1200 MS Points. The PSN version is coming soon.