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Battlefield 3 – Fault Line Episodes I, II And III

Battlefield3_LogoSmallEA have now released 3 fault line episodes showing gameplay from the Battlefield 3 game that is currently in development at DICE.

The game seriously looks like a playable version of HBO’s brilliant Generation Kill TV miniseries which many of you will not have heard of. Generation Kill tells the real life story of the Marines of the First Recon Battalion as they entered Iraq at the start of the first Gulf War. Take my advice, after you’ve finished watching these Battlefield 3 fault line episodes go and watch Generation Kill. It will prepare you nicely for Battlefield 3.

Episode I – Bad Part of Town

Episode II – Good Effect On Target

Episode III – Get That Wire Cut!

On the 17th April 2011 the full 12 minute fault line film will be released. As the total runtime of these 3 videos is about 8 minutes including all the credits there is still a hefty chunk of unseen footage left to come. Thanks to EA, I got to watch it all earlier on this month. I can report that it contains some epic action sequences.

In particular the earthquake that hits the city as you are engaged in a full-on street battle is terrifyingly destructive. Not even the helicopter that is providing your squad with air support is safe from its wrath. It just gets swatted out of the sky by a collapsing building. And then the earthquake reaches you….

Battlefield 3 is due out in Autumn 2011 for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.