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Dungeon Hunter: Alliance – Coming To PSN In April 2011

DungeonHunterAlliance_TitleLogoGameloft have announced that their action RPG game Dungeon Hunter: Alliance will be coming to the PlayStation Network sometime in April. I’m always happy to see a game based around exploring dungeons. In this case there’s over 30 levels to explore on your own or with friends via online/offline co-op. There will be areas to explore that are randomly generated too, meaning each game should be slightly different. The game will also adapt the difficulty based on the number of players.

There will be multiple classes to choose from and you will be able to develop your characters abilities by earning experience points. Check out the trailer below to see the game in action:

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance will also support the PlayStation Move controller which allows you to recreate the point and click control method seen in PC games. At least that’s what the press release says. How effective this control method will be, only time will tell.

So is anyone up for some dungeon bashing in April?

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is due for release in April 2011 on PlayStation 3 (via PSN).