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T3 Event – Gran Turismo 5 3D

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get an invitation to the T3 VIP readers night at Selfridges. The event allowed selected T3 readers the chance to play with the latest technology like the Samsung Galaxy tablet as well as playing Gran Turismo 5 in 3D.

GranTurismo5_BigQueue Sitting right in the middle of Selfridges technology area was a shiny Gran Turismo 5 pod with a pair of 3D glasses tethered inside. The only track available to drive was the Top Gear Test Track. Not a bad choice of a track, I’m sure you’ll agree. You could you tell something interesting was going on with the massive queue of blokes stretching into the neighbouring book department. This did lead to some interesting conversations with other Selfridges shoppers.

Random shopper 1 – “What are you all waiting for? Is it a celebrity?
Person in queue – “No it’s the T3 magazine event and Gran Turismo 5. You know the technology magazine.”
Random shopper 1Blank facial expression, followed by walking away

Random shopper 2 talking to random shopper 3 – “Look at that queue of blokes, they must be queuing for some game/gadget.”

Yes, there were quite a few blokes, but there were some women too. There was one right at the front of the queue and I’m sure I saw another one later on in the evening ;-) Having played Gran Turismo 5 in 3D at the recent Eurogamer Expo, I decided to get some footage of people driving the Top Gear Test Track instead of queuing, which you can see below.

You can also see what T3 magazine thought of Gran Turismo 5 in 3D on the T3 website. Does anyone already own a 3D TV? Or is anyone going to buy a 3D TV just to play GT5? I was certainly impressed with the 3D in GT5, I only wish I had a 3D TV!

The Gran Turismo 5 3D pod will be staying in Selfridges until the 29th Oct 2010. If you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about, get yourself down to Selfridges on Oxford Street (nearest Tube station – Bond Street) and let us know what you think.

Look out for our review of Gran Turismo 5 when we get our hands on it which will hopefully be this year!