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Okay gamers, we need your help. As much as we love games, there’s only so much that 2 people can do. We want to massively expand this year and we’re looking for a bunch of enthusiastic games lovers in the UK to help us out. You’ll get published on an established site – we’ve been running for almost 5 years – and you’ll keep any games that we send you for review.

We’re looking for people who can write a mix of posts – short 250-word news posts as well as full reviews and the occasional feature. Our whole ethos is about what things are like for the average gamer (obviously ;) so we’re not interested in industry gossip or reviewing-by-numbers. We want you to give your honest opinion on whether or not a game is fun and what it is that makes it so.

Are you interested in writing about any of the following?

  • Sports games – FIFA, PES, Madden, NBA and all that stuff
  • Online multiplayer – PC or console-based. Any genre, including MMO PvP. Let me know your interests
  • Browser games – Caesary or Kung Fu Panda World if that’s your kinda thing ;-)
  • Puzzle games – Professor Leyton Series, Puzzle Quest II
  • Family games – Petz, Catz, Wii Party. Or one of the many family games on the Wii
  • Fighting games – UFC, Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team or any Capcom fighting game
  • First person shooter – Halo: Reach, Call of Duty and Medal of Honor
  • Real time strategy – Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty or other RTS on the handhelds/mobile phones

Yep, pretty much anything but RPGs as Debbie has claimed all of them!

You’ll have to have your own gaming hardware so let us know what consoles you own or can access. These aren’t paying positions… yet. We’re still a small site but you’ll be part of the team that helps us grow. We don’t forget our friends. All contributions are welcome so even if you can only do 1 post a month please get in touch.

Drop us a line through the Contact form telling us what type of games you’d like to cover. Alternatively, contact (@Weefz) on Twitter. If you don’t hear back within a week, give her a nudge.