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2 Girls 1 Game review Amnesia

What an unfortunate name. I’m sure the lovely ladies behind 2 Girls 1 Game know exactly what they were doing when they picked their name but I’m afraid all it does is make think of shit.

Unfortunate branding aside, keen observers will have noticed that we don’t really play horror games here at The Average Gamer. I don’t see the point in paying money to scare myself when I could do it for free by walking through St James’ Park at night and Resident Evil 5 was more action than horror. 2 Girls 1 Game have done a good review of Amnesia: The Dark Descent that really shows off the sense of atmosphere:

“Amnesia: The Dark Descent does everything Alan Wake tried to accomplish and does it much, much better. The ambiance set forth at the beginning of the game carries through as you learn your character Daniel, has willingly drank [sic] a concoction to erase his memory. Your only clues to Daniel’s former life include a note left behind mentioning the concoction with an addendum to kill Alexander Brennenburg, the baron of the castle you find yourself trapped inside.”

In a rare departure from form, I started playing Alan Wake last night. It has something really special: the ability to both terrify and bore me at the same time. Glad to see that Amnesia is more successful.

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  1. Juish Georgie

    12th Sep, 2010 at 12:55 pm

    All three of you are mindless twits. Comparing Amnesia with Alan Wake, they are two completely different games, both in design and playing. You all need to do something else than review games because your terrible at it.

    • Debbie "Weefz" Timmins

      12th Sep, 2010 at 3:49 pm

      Dude, did you even read the post? I didn’t write the review.

    • Ashley

      12th Sep, 2010 at 5:24 pm

      They’re both survival horror games. They’re both psychological thrillers. Alan Wake is an over the shoulder story to be told like a television show that was frankly, boring and uninteresting. I didn’t give one lick about the story and it sure as hell didn’t scare me.

      Amnesia on the other hand, accomplished all of the above, so it’s not really a comparison, but more a statement. “If you want to play a game that will scare you, play Amnesia instead of Alan Wake.”

      • Debbie "Weefz" Timmins

        13th Sep, 2010 at 12:00 pm

        Thanks, Ashley. That’s pretty much what I took away from your review, though not having played Amnesia, couldn’t respond directly above.

        I’m on chapter 3 of Alan Wake and so far it strikes me as an exceptionally strange way to tell a story. A game that’s actually about a book but presented as a TV show? WTF? Too much layering of media and not enough layering of story, I think.