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Virgin Gaming for Money

I’ve just signed up with Virgin Gaming. It’s Richard Branson’s foray back into games, which he announced at E3 last month. So far it looks pretty simple.

  1. Sign up
  2. Pay entry fees
  3. Play games
  4. Win money

Looks like they automatically track your performance on the games – no hassle of reporting scores yourself. Just give them your gamertag/PSN ID and register the games you have on the site.

Sadly, it’s virtually all American sports games at the moment :\ Okay, so given my feeble multiplayer FPS skills I’m pretty unlikely to win any money, but sports games? Not a hope in hell. There is a skill level rating system but no indication on whether or not they use that to stream people into leagues.

Games they have now:


This, however, caught my eye! ;)

Guitar Silhouette with "Coming Soon" caption

Will let you know when I find out which game it is.