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Gravity Crash – Release Date And More!

GravityCrash_Tb.jpgJust Add Water (Developments) Ltd have announced that the awesome looking old school shooter Gravity Crash will be released on the 24th Nov 09 on the PlayStation Store for the PS3. For the measly sum of £6.29 / €7.99 / $9.99 you get all this stuff in Gravity Crash:

  • 35 Single player levels, including hidden and boss levels
  • 12 Multiplayer levels
  • 3 Multiplayer modes
  • Different player ships
  • Special weapons
  • Weapon power-ups
  • 20 devious Trophies
  • Leaderboards
  • Over 200 editor items

What’s also great is that you’ll be able to play 4 of the single player levels and 12 multiplayer maps of the full game in the demo. You also get to try out the level editor, but you have to buy the game to be able to upload them to the PlayStation Network. Add in the fantastic soundtrack from CoLD SToRAGE and this game is going to kick ass.

Check out these awesome looking screenshots:




See, looks cool doesn’t it. I love the little jetpack guys in the 2nd screenshot above.

Finally, here’s a developer diary video showing the level editor in action:

We’ve also got 2 Q&A posts coming up with the Gravity Crash development team so look out for them.

Gravity Crash is available from the 24th Nov 09 from the PlayStation Store.


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  3. Ryan

    9th Jan, 2010 at 2:38 am

    Nice preview. I can’t wait anymore. Thank for sharing