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Battlefield 1943 Review (360)

Lets get this out of the way first. I absolutely, totally, unreservedly suck at this game. I didn’t think I could be so bad at a game until I played this. I’m much better at Warhawk on the PS3, honestly.

Right, so Battlefield 1943. In short, it’s a World War II shooter, with some nice island environments and lots of blue sky. It’s like being on holiday, only you get to shoot people, drive tanks and blow stuff up. Awesome.

There are 4 maps, maximum of 24 players per map and 2 different game modes. The 2nd game mode is called air superiority which is plane-only combat essentially. The island environments look lovely, as you can see from the screenshots. Lots of palm trees huts, bunkers, cluster of petrol barrels and gun installations. The fun part (for me) of the game is blowing things up. Almost all of the environment can be blown up to some extent. The palm trees and buildings mostly bear the brunt of the destruction. It is really, really satisfying to hop in a tank and trundle down the road to blow up a building full of the enemy (helped by the maps on the HUD showing everyone’s location).

Battlefield1943-ParadiseSm.jpgThere is some some added variation to the game as some of the respawn points are on aircraft carriers so you can either fly a plane, use the carrier guns to bombard the islands or get in one of the boats with your mates and attack the coastlines. I did enjoy being driven around the coast line whilst machine gunning the beaches. I killed a lot of trees and buildings but not many people.

One thing I did seem to have in abundance, was the ability to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was always in the building that got carpet bombed (when you fly the planes you can bomb stuff too). Or I’d be driving a jeep with my team member in the back as a gunner, whizzing down the road, over a hill… and straight into an enemy tank. Dead, again! Not only was I a danger to myself but my team mates too. Oh, and flying. Well, let’s just say I have much better control of a real plane (as I’m currently learning to fly) than the ones in Battlefield 1943. They aren’t the easiest things to control, which is probably for the best as they are really destructive with their quite awesome bombing capabilities. I did end up losing points for my plane “suicides.”

What’s not so good in this game is the small number of maps and the limited weapons available. I did get a little bit bored of playing the same maps after a while. Hopefully, this will be addressed in future downloadable content (no idea if this is planned). However, the are lots and lots of people playing it at the moment, so you almost always get a 2 full teams and tonnes of action.

Overall is it worth the 1200 MS points? Yes if you are into first person shooters and aren’t quite as useless at them as me!


Battlefield 1943 is now available now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 1200 MS Points (and the PlayStation Network)

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