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It’s Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009 Time

E3LogoAfter a 2 year hiatus – ok, it wasn’t really a hiatus as business was done, but behind closed doors and without the need for a giant game/company related stand dripping with glamour models (possibly NSFW) – the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is back.

In keeping with a classic tradition of the games industry – cramming lots of stuff into a short period of time (e.g lots of games and the Christmas period) – the E3 of old (pre-2007) used to squeeze practically all console and games related announcements into just 3 days every year. Then it was made boring for 2 years in an effort to distribute the announcements throughout the year and help reduce games companies marketing budgets. Yeah, that didn’t work very well.

The main E3 2009 expo takes place between the 2 – 4th June 2009 in LA. Actually, you need to include the 1st June 09 as well as some of the major players hold their big keynote addresses before the show actually starts:

  • Microsoft keynote – 1st June 18:30 BST
  • EA press conference – 1st June 20:00 BST
  • Ubisoft press conference – 2nd June 01:00 BST
  • Nintendo keynote – 2nd June 17:00 BST
  • Sony keynote – 2nd June 19:00 BST
  • Konami press conference – 3rd June 23:00 BST

If you want to follow all the of the E3 news and announcements (this will be a lot!) then check out E3Feed which pulls together all the E3 related news from the major gaming sites.

Here at TAG we will be be bringing you just the super tasty bits of E3 for you to digest. Yummy.