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Echochrome PS3 and PSP Demos

EchochromeLogoSony Japan has released the PS3 and PSP demos of Echochrome. At the moment theese demos are only available in Japan. However, if you’d like to play them now you can by following these instructions:

For the PS3 version:

The text is in Japanese but the dialogue is in English. I had no problems playing the game, but then again there aren’t many controls!

For the PSP version:

  • Download the demo from PSPFanboy (3.8mb)
  • Unzip it
  • Create a folder called NPJG90019 into the PSP/GAME directory
  • Copy the eboot.pbp into this folder
  • That’s it. Now enjoy the demo

The PSP demo requires firmware 3.90 and above, so don’t bother trying unless you have this firmware version. Oh, and the triangle button pauses the game and the X button speeds up your character.

You can see a trailer for Echochrome here.

Echochrome is released in Japan on 19th March 2008 on PS3 and PSP. UK release in Q2 2008.

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