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In keeping with our new look, we’re being much more proactive this year. You’ll find more frequent reviews and an almost-regular posting schedule. But first things first – I’d like to know who you are.

Why? Well, aside from the simple fact that I’m curious, we’d like to know what kinds of games you play. May as well review the stuff you’re actually interested in.

The other reason is this: As well as our new game videos category, we sometimes run sponsored videos in the sidebar. This week a Superbad advertising video has been available to our UK readers and.. well, let’s just say that some parents would not be impressed. It’s not explicit by any means. It just has a few dildo-shaped items in it.

So, here are a bunch of polls to tell me a little more about you. Please be nice. If there’s anything you want us to cover more (or less) often then leave a comment below.


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Poll Answers

Video game genre

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Poll Answers

Thanks! I’ll post the results late next week.